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DRYER MASTER : Our Products

AGI Neco uses an imbedded version in the Commander series control system.

It is also available in a stand alone system able to be installed into your existing continuous flow dryer. 

The DM510 is the industry leading drying control system for continuous flow grain dryers.  Designed to help you take the guesswork out of drying, it can be installed when you are putting up a new dryer or as a retrofit to your existing dryer.

The Components:

  • The operator control panel (installed indoors)

  • A real-time moisture sensor to measure grain moisture entering the dryer

  • A real-time moisture sensor to measure the moisture of grain exiting the dryer

  • A sensor or signal converter to monitor the current drying air temperature.

  • An outlet moisture sensor chute with a rotary feed (to provide a consistent flow of grain past the sensor)

  • A calibration push button to make moisture sensor calibration a snap.

  • DM Mobile for remote access on your phone, tablet or PC.

  • An optional printer is also available.

The DM510 panel interfaces with the dryer through the motor speed control. From the DM510 control panel the dryer operator can choose to let the Dryer Master make discharge rate decisions automatically in AUTOMATIC mode, or choose to set the discharge rate themselves in MANUAL mode

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